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ROBERTONE produces exclusive racing bikes made of steel. Impulsive, stylish and self-confident. ROBERTONE takes bicycle construction literally again and creates racing bikes that are fast and, above all, impressively beautiful.

Each ROBERTONE is a state-of-the-art piece of sports equipment and at the same time a homage to Italian design of the 80s and early 90s. Elaborately designed and produced down to the smallest detail, a ROBERTONE stands out from the mass of today’s bikes.

A ROBERTONE is more than a functional object. It is an expression of passion, power and aesthetics. It is daily motivation and inspiration for the rider and his or her striving for perfection in the saddle.

Each ROBERTONE is an individual one-off production on which the stylists, connoisseurs and extravagant spirits of the country road feel particularly at home. At ROBERTONE, individual production does not just mean adapted geometry – we also encourage the rider to be truly creative in the choice of materials, design and finishing of the bikes.

Exclusive racing bikes and the certain extras

– Lugged steel frames and forks in the style of the great classics from the 80s and 90s. Pure or opulent with shiny or matt stainless steel elements, chrome plating and engravings.
– TIG-welded or fillet brazed, modern steel and stainless steel frames with steel or carbon fork.
– Rim brakes, disc brakes or cantilever.
– Modern or classic Columbus steels (XCR, Spirit, Life, Zona, SL or Max)
– Standard and custom geometries.
– Fascinating design in all imaginable color and paint variations or a design developed completely for you.
– Refinement of components through engraving.
– Exclusive headplates made of brass and enamel – if desired, they can also be individually designed and produced.
– ALL handmade by the best frame builders, craftsmen and artists in Italy and Germany.
– Frame with fork or complete wheels with individually assembled components.
– Limited editions (frames, caps, jerseys, etc.).
– Selected components for your classic racer or modern classic.
– I look forward to your wishes, ideas and visions of your absolute dream bike or your enthusiasm for one of the current ROBERTONE bikes.
– Each bike is designed and produced exclusively for you.

Let´s imagine. Let´s ride.